After posting this photo of their morning routine on Instagram, Kordale and Kaleb Lewis were shocked to find that this image of their family had gone viral. When the hate-filled comments started pouring in, they initially opted not to make a public statement because of safety concerns. But with this video, they are offering the world a glimpse into their daily ritual with their loving family.

The image above is the Instagram post from last year that started it all—a quick snapshot of Kordale and Kaleb in the bathroom with their little girls, fixing their hair and helping them get ready for school. Though fatherhood is challenging, these loving dads embrace every moment with their daughters.
This photo went viral shortly after it was posted, and the Lewises were inundated with responses. Though most were positive, several others contained homophobic and hateful language, despite the fact that this picture simply contains a couple caring for their children.

The Lewises partnered with Nikon in an ad campaign as a response to all of the media attention they've been getting. They emphasize that they're just a normal family that does everyday things in their Atlanta home. As the cameras record them going about their morning routine, Kordale and Kaleb discuss the repercussions of  that Instagram post. In the video they state, “[t]hose kids have our hearts and I can’t sit here and explain to you in words why we feel the way that we feel for our children. But those are our kids and nobody else can tell me anything different.” In addition to addressing that photo, they talk about the merits of photography as a whole, in that photos enable us to share moments and feelings of our lives that cannot be expressed as effectively with words.

We absolutely adore the message behind this ad, and think that this  is a picture-perfect representation of a loving family. Watch the video below to hear more about their perspective on going viral, and be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.