This woman has an empowering message to spread and she's not afraid to say it like it is. Whitney Thore is most known for her YouTube video series "A Fat Girl Dancing," a series in which she records herself dancing like a pro to hit songs. Thore's videos instantly went viral and her rise to fame began. Thore recently received her very own TV show under the title My Big Fat Fabulous Life, which will air on TLC. 

In this video, Thore talks about her stance in life and the goal of her new show while being interviewed on Today. Thore talks about embracing the word "fat" to save it from being something deemed taboo, and instead make it into something that can be openly discussed. She wants a "candid dialogue." In her new show My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Thore is determined to change the phenomenon of fat-shaming. She's not afraid to embrace who she is, weight and all. She bypasses the gawking faces when she steps out of a dressing room wearing only a bikini; that's how comfortable she is in her own skin, and she wants all women to feel the same!

Here at SF Globe, we love seeing messages like Thore's being shared, and we want to be a part of it. Watch the video below and tell us your thoughts in the comments section; we want to hear from you!