This shocking video shows a scene that we all hope we never have to experience. A woman in South Africa records footage of police arresting a woman, except there's something not quite right with the police. They are actually armed robbers dressed as police officers. The criminals have rifles and official-looking uniforms, but the woman recording the video can tell something is not right and so she calls real law enforcement.
Acccording to eNews Channel Africa, real officers eventually caught up to the robbers and a chase ensued. Shots were fired, and the robbers ditched the stolen vehicle and their fake police uniforms. The criminals were able to elude the law and were not arrested. 

This is not the first time criminals have impersonated police in order to rob victims in South Africa. eNews Channel Africa reported in 2013 about a fake police car in Johannesburg that was linked to at least 35 crimes. The perpetrators who created the fake police car were also not apprehended.