It's happened to all of us - we've locked the front door behind us, only to realize we've forgotten our keys inside. At the best of times, this is a nuisance. Occasionally, the blunder requires a call to a landlord or locksmith. You could spend hours waiting, and potentially spend hundreds of dollars to have your door opened. 

This video is a quick tutorial on how to make and use lock-picks out of typical bobby pins. Most women have them in their hair, or floating around their purse. Now, men will also want to keep a few tucked into their wallets. With enough practice, you could unlock your own door in less time than it would take for help to show up. Even if you don't use this to get out of a jam, the skill is sure to impress others as a neat parlor trick. 

Ben, who goes by Night Hawk In Light, advises viewers to practice on a lock that is not essential, as you could potentially damage the lock if done incorrectly. He also points out that this technique is not likely to be used by burglars or criminals, who typically prefer much faster methods of breaking in, such as smashing a window. 

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