Everyone loves going on a relaxing cruise, but alcohol can be extremely expensive on the high seas. Most cruise lines have rules against bringing your own alcohol on board, but this Youtube bartender has a brilliant solution.

The bartender drains out a bottle of Listerine brand mouthwash and washes out the bottle. Then, he refills the bottle with vodka and food coloring. The result is an alcoholic concoction that looks just like mouthwash!

There are a few other methods for getting booze on a cruise ship, but they each present issues. For example, most cruise lines will allow you to bring a single bottle of wine. You can get away with pouring a more powerful type of alcohol into the wine bottle, but you have to make sure it's a bottle with a resealable cap.

The technique for sneaking alcohol onto ships that's used most frequently is pouring vodka into a water bottle. Although it's simple, it will usually get noticed because vodka will make bubbles when shaken. Because the water in water bottles is vacuum-sealed, no bubbles will appear when a sealed water bottle is shaken.

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