Prepare for three unassuming household supplies to change the way you clean. The simple DIY presented in this video provides an inexpensive and hassle-free way to make your very own cleaning wipes right at home. Uploaded by YouTube channel "KGB Survivalist,"a channel devoted to survival tips and life hacks, the video walks through the easy steps required to make cleaning wipes using Pine-Sol, heavy duty paper towels, and a container. 

It doesn't take a thorough investigation to conclude that pre-moistened disinfecting wipes are wildly popular across the U.S. In fact, more and more households are opting to use the wipes as part of their regular cleaning routine, with names such as Lysol and Clorox becoming a staple for the average American house. The convenience and ease that pre-moistened towelettes offer make them an incredibly attractive buy for those wanting an effective, but also quick, clean. 

Despite the hype surrounding disinfecting wipes, there has been an incredible amount of push-back from individuals concerned about the amount of chemicals present in popular brands like Lysol and Clorox. This concern extends beyond cleaning wipes to all supplies marketed for cleaning that contain potentially harmful chemicals. Countless articles have surfaced drawing awareness to the "hidden" chemicals in commonly used cleaning supplies. Not only that, but the backlash includes frustration over the cost of cleaning products, especially when those products are advertised as "green." 

Amongst all of the back-and-forth, a movement of DIY cleaning products has emerged and it's inspiring individuals everywhere to craft their own methods of cleaning. The how-to in this video is one of many examples of ways to make cleaning products at home at half the cost of store-bought products. All-natural wipe recipes like this white vinegar-based one are providing households with cheap and toxic-free ways to clean the home. In the midst of countless ads, it's easy to forget that vinegar and baking soda can be used for just about any area in need of cleaning.

Hacks like this are especially good to know if you have kids in the house, and you don't want them exposed to certain ingredients you're unsure about. Watch the video and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.