Watching this video reminded me of going on daddy-daughter dates with my dad growing up. There's absolutely nothing sweeter than seeing a dad and his daughter all dressed up for a precious evening together. This video begins by showing a man getting ready in the bathroom as his friend asks him if he's nervous for a big date. It'd been quite a while since the man had been on a proper date so he was definitely feeling nervous. After a few minutes of getting ready, he heads out the front door only to turn right back around and wait for his date. My favorite moment is when his precious daughter opens the front door with a smile that is guaranteed to melt any heart. 

What many people don't realize about this popular video is that it was created to promote a song called "I'm Yours" written by Dickson and Lairs Johnston. The song plays throughout the entire video, and definitely moved me to tears more than once. Watching this dad and daughter share a special night together instantly made my day. It's so incredible to see a little girl beaming at the sight of her dad all dressed up just for her. 

The time a dad spends with his daughter has a significant impact on how she matures from a young girl into a woman. Having a father figure that is encouraging, respectful, and supportive of his daughter will have a positive impact on the girl's self-image, confidence, and self-esteem as she grows up. When a father takes the time to treat his daughter and arrange a special date just between them, it teaches his daughter how a man is to respect her as she gets older. I love knowing that daddy-daughter time will only help brighten a young girl's future. 

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