One thing is for certain: this Miss Amazonas 2015 contestant is not a gracious loser. Watch as runner-up Sheislane Hayalla rips the tiara off the newly-crowned winner Tereza Azêdo's head during this Brazilian beauty pageant and prepare for major fireworks. According to content owner, Stephen Messenger, "Hayalla reportedly ripped the crown off of Azêdo's head because she did not accept the results of the contest, claiming there was fraud in the organization of the event." However, here at SF Globe, we felt Ms. Hayalla's spite towards the winning beauty queen seemed a bit more personal. She even went so far as to curse her out afterwards!

Talk about cringe-worthy. This fiery scenario reminded us of something out of Miss Congeniality! However, while it seems a bit funny to watch a woman take a beauty pageant so darn seriously, we definitely don't condone this kind of girl-on-girl crown-yanking. Violence is never the answer, ladies!

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