Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to turn the Super Bowl into a surprise photo extravaganza. Watch as everyone's favorite TV host recruits actors (and avid football fans) Chris Pratt and Chris Evans to "photobomb" a whole slew of unsuspecting Super Bowl spectators, resulting in not only hilarious pictures, but epic moments of realization when they see just who's standing behind them!

What folks may or may not know is that Chris Pratt of Guardians of the Galaxy fame made a Super Bowl bet with Captain America's Chris Evans. Pratt, a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan, bet Evans, a New England Patriots fan, that depending on whose team won the other would have to reprise their superhero role and visit a children's hospital within the winning city. (We later learned that despite the game's outcome, both men will dress up and visit both cities, demonstrating what good sports they are in addition to having awesome senses of humor.)

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