Chances are, you've seen one of these toy claw games before. You pay some money and attempt to dig a stuffed toy from the glass case using a weak claw that almost always fails at grabbing anything. In this video from Russia, we see that one of the stuffed animals isn't quite stuffed at all.

It appears a cat has crawled into the machine! This isn't uncommon, actually. Cats are known to crawl in through the prize slot and make themselves at home. There's even one report of a baby crawling into a toy claw machine.

So there is a valid excuse for this cat to be in there. There is something about this video that is inexcusable, though. These losers are trying to "win" the cat by lowering the claw on his face. Hey guys, you could probably poke the cat's eye out with those metal claws. Why don't you try leaving him alone? He looked fine and comfortable before you arrived.

Although to be fair, if that claw is as weak as the ones I remember from my childhood, that cat isn't even close to being in danger.

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