Neil deGrasse Tyson is a brilliant astrophysicist (among other things) who is a go-to source for knowledge. So when this 6-year-old asked him this, we couldn't wait to share his response.

The way the famously intelligent Tyson handles this curious little girl's heartfelt query is nothing short of amazing. The encouragement to experiment in everyday life is a lesson we adults shouldn't forget, either.
Personally, I plan on following the lessons of Mr. Tyson directly in my own life. Next time I see a puddle, I'm going to jump directly in that sucker. I don't care if I ruin the slacks of the man next to me. When I find myself at a restaurant, I'm going to force my way into the kitchen, break out their expensive kitchenware and conduct my own annoying audible experiments amongst a litany of furious chefs and frowning cooks. 

Well, okay. Maybe I won't do all that. But the message in this video remains extremely important to the children of today. Keep testing things out. Learn about life through your own creative experimentations. Your thirst for knowledge will only continue to blossom!

How did you feel about his answer? Do you agree or disagree with his message? Please share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section below.