Until you've become a parent yourself, it's difficult to imagine just how hard the task of raising a child could be. Even with all the money in the world, loving and caring for a little one is a task in and of itself. Clothes, food, diapers, school supplies, and much more all add up to a laundry list of kids' needs. Now imagine doing that on a limited income and even worse, by yourself. For many parents though, that's reality. Just a few years ago, the average income for a single mother family was barely above $25,000 according to a report from The Women's Legal Defense And Education Fund.  We've probably all heard our parents reflect on raising us, often times wondering how they did it. In reality, it really is borderline miraculous for a parent to bring up a healthy, normal human being.

In this heartwarming ad from MetLife Hong Kong, a daughter comes to grips with the realization that her father had been lying to her this entire time. He didn't have a fancy job to go to when he dropped her off at school. Instead, he shows just how much he cares for his only daughter.