I know some of these ideas seem crazy, but I think they're definitely worth giving a shot. Thanks to BuzzFeed, I no longer have to worry about the pesky problems I get from wearing shoes all day. This compilation of shoe hacks will teach you everything from silencing a squeaky shoe, to  getting rid of that stinky foot smell in your favorite pair of tennis shoes. I'm excited to give some of these a try, especially the green tea hack - it sounds very relaxing. 

As someone who loves wearing shoes with flashy straps in the summer, I find that blisters start becoming harder and harder to avoid. Luckily, there are a number of remedies in addition to the green tea method mentioned in this video that will help take care of blisters. A site called Everyday Health provides a list of natural remedies for treating blisters that include such things as spot treatment with apple cider vinegar, and even rubbing deodorant onto areas expected to rub against straps. I don't expect my shoe problems to last much longer with these easy tips in mind!

Here at SF Globe, we love when we find videos that teach us little shortcuts in life. We hope you learn something from this video just like we did. Have you ever had a shoe problem where one of these remedies would come in handy? Tell us in the comments section below!