It was definitely hard to get through this video without shedding a tear or two. I love hearing impactful stories, especially when they have to do with the brave men and women who've sacrificed their lives for this country. I can't imagine the amount of grief this family experienced losing a son and brother, but this dad's heroic decision proved to be an incredible way to honor the life of his son. 

Father Bill Krissoff had the pleasure of being immensely proud of both of his sons for their service in the United States Armed Forces. As the following video explains, tragedy struck in December 2006, when one of Bill's two sons, Nathan Krissoff, was confirmed dead after his HMMWV (Humvee) was blasted in Iraq. The loss hit the Krissoff family with incredible force, and prompted Bill to want to become a battalion surgeon for the marines. Bill's request was initially rejected because of his old age, but after an encounter with then-president, George W. Bush, the path for Bill to become a battalion surgeon cleared right before him. 

I started getting emotional when I listened to the way that Bill talks about his sons. Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare, but seeing the way Bill responded after his heroic son's death had my heart overflowing. How did this story impact you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below after watching! Here at SF Globe, we love hearing from you!