Some film school students were scouting out the Parnell Railway Station near their school in Auckland, New Zealand and discussing a short film project when they noticed something strange beyond the tracks. From behind bushes, two figures with masks covering their faces stood up. Assuming this was just a prank by other students, these guys just brushed if off and laughed, but things got creepier. Before long, the two individuals slowly made their way towards the students and it looked like one had a gun in their hand. Not sure what to think, the students continued filming them, but started backing away. They left the rail yard and went back to class to tell their classmates what they witnessed. Eventually the cops were informed and the police investigated the incident. It wasn't until later when the two individuals saw their faces on the internet, that they realized they should turn themselves in. In the end, this creepy incident was nothing more than a misguided prank

An article from The New Zealand Herald followed up on the incident. After they saw the story go viral online, two flatmates, 27-year-old Kurt and 26-year-old Rachel, admitted to being the masked figures in the video and stated that the gun they were wielding was plastic. They claimed they saw them on the tracks and thinking that the students were not supposed to be there, decided to scare them. They just wanted to have fun and since they could hear the students laughing too, they figured nothing big would come of it - not knowing the police would be called later. 

The police didn't charge them with anything, but since the incident the pair has been receiving threats and had to deactivate their social media accounts. Their little joke blew up, and, unfortunately, they are now paying the price. This is a helpful reminder that even if you think something is a joke, that doesn't mean it will be taken as one. People jump at guns and will call the cops if they think anything is suspicious. Make sure you use your best judgement and don't assume that because you think something is funny, everyone else will too. Check out the footage the film students captured below. Despite the weird story that surrounds it, it sure looks like the perfect setup for a horror movie.