This is a totally horrendous experience that no pet owner should go through. Marian Harris was bringing her dog Syd in to be examined by the vet when she learned the dog was so sick that he needed to be euthanized. The family said goodbye to Syd, thinking that it was the last time they were ever going to see him. But it turns out that Syd wasn't in fact euthanized - instead he was being kept alive in a cage and was used for blood transfusions. A former employee of the clinic contacted Harris to let her know that her dog was still alive, and eventually police became involved and Harris and Syd were reunited.  
According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Millard Lucien Tierce, the owner of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic, turned himself in and defended his actions. He claimed that it was "all a bunch of hooey" and his arrest was the conclusion of a plot hatched by an employee of his to get back at him. Tierce also claimed that the reason the dog was found was that he couldn't bring himself to put the dog down - opting to keep it alive and draw its blood. 

Putting down a family pet must be extremely difficult, but you have to imagine that the 70-year-old owner of a pet clinic has put down his fair share of dogs in the past. The fact that this one was suddenly too hard for him to euthanize seems a little fishy. It's great to know that Syd is now home safe with his family, and hopefully something like this doesn't happen again in the future.