Stories like the one below give me goosebumps - I don't think there's any better word for it than "miracle." When 14-year-old John Smith was rushed to a Missouri hospital after being submerged in the icy waters of Lake Saint Louise for fifteen minutes, his chances of survival looked grim at best. Smith was posing for a picture with some friends atop the lake when the ice cracked. The doctors who received Smith in the hospital doubted that the teen would pull through; they repeatedly tried to revive him, but after half an hour of no success, hospital staff brought in Smith's mother to tell her the bad news. This is the part of the story that completely blows me away. When Smith's mother Joyce Smith walked into the hospital she immediately started praying. Her impassioned prayer filled the hospital room, and before they knew it, Smith suddenly had a heartbeat again. 

I don't know if the hospital staff's reactions in this video could be any more priceless. I can't imagine being in that hospital room while Joyce was praying and hearing the life-changing beep of Smith's pulse coming back after 45 minutes. Again, a true miracle if there ever was one. To add to the hospital staff's astonishment, when Smith woke up he demonstrated normal behavior and answered questions correctly, another incredible detail considering the trauma he'd just experienced. 

Here at SF Globe, we believe miraculous stories like this deserve to be shared. We doubt this story will cease to amaze anyone. Watch it for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments section below; we love hearing from you!