What this woman proceeds to do in the comfort of her cozy kitchen is downright impressive. This simple process is something everyone needs to try on their own!

Kids these days only seem to crave things that are terrible for them. Unhealthy, sugar-laden snacks and sodas are always available to them at ridiculously cheap prices. Childhood obesity numbers have steadily risen over the years, and it's directly related to our poor eating habits - not just as children, but also as grown adults. 
These sugar-free, delicious and nutritious snacks are not only easy to make, but they're good for you too. Personally, I know my child will fight me on trying anything known to be "healthy." That's why I plan on whipping up a batch of these while he's at school, and just having them in the pantry for him when he gets home. Knowing him, he'll go for anything that even resembles candy and he'll be scarfing down these healthy snacks in no time. All the while, he'll actually be helping his body stay fit, but don't let him know that!