When international model Cindy Crawford's untouched photos for Marie Claire got leaked via Twitter, the positive response was overwhelming. 

At 48, the supermodel shows signs of age and motherhood, and is sexy as hell. 

Although the talk on Twitter says this photo is intended for an upcoming article, Marie Claire clarified that the image is actually a leaked photograph from a 2013 cover of Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America. The final print version was, in fact, retouched to mask the very parts of the photo that make it so beautiful. 
It should be noted that, whatever the original intent, the public response to Cindy Crawford's body is telling. The consensus is clear: natural is beautiful. Even in the midst of clarifying the original intent of the image, Marie Claire has called it gorgeous and has published it on their own site. SF Globe wholeheartedly agrees and can't wait for the day that photographs like these cease to be "leaks" but the final published versions. 

What do you think of Cindy's photograph?