I'm definitely impressed by three-month-old Malynn and her quick learning skills! As her mother talks about in the video, she started exposing Malynn to sign reinforcements only a week before filming this video, and was not expecting her little girl to pick up on signing so fast. The command Malynn has learned to communicate via signing is "up." Whenever Malynn wants to be picked up, she'll gesture with her little arms and make a sound similar to what "up" sounds like. I couldn't hold back my amazement when I watched Malynn demonstrate the sign for "up." It's definitely worth watching! 

Signing with babies gives parents a way to communicate with their children before they develop the basics of vocalizing their needs. As the mother in this video mentions, most babies don't start absorbing sign language until they're 6 months old. The site Baby Sign Language explains that, "On average it takes a 6 month old baby two months of signing exposure to start signing back." The fact that three-month-old Malynn picked up on signing "up" in a week's time is seriously impressive. While the sign Malynn uses for "up" is just a version that her mother taught her, it's still helping the little baby communicate her needs with the cognitive abilities she has at three months old. 

We love when we find videos like this; they're too good not to pass along. We hope you enjoy watching Malynn and her mother interact. Don't forget to tell us what you think in the comments section below when you're done! Did you ever sign with your child?