With the recent passing of Valentine's Day, there were an abundance of gift exchanges involving chocolates of all kinds and flowers of every color. But for Kelly McCall, she didn't want a box of chocolate or a dozen roses. She didn't want new perfume or a cute stuffed animal. She wanted her husband, Arron, to get a haircut. The 41-year-old CrossFit gym owner had hair nearly down to his shoulders to accompany a full, bushy beard. Kelly said it had been three years since she'd seen her husband's face and she was looking to change that. Daughter Madison echoed those feelings, "I told my dad he looks like a hobo when he embarrasses me." The look was a personal choice of Arron's, who was well aware of how off-putting it may have been, "If I had to describe my look, I would say maybe it's -- it's caveman." So when Kelly heard about Good Morning America's "Make Over My Man for Valentine's Day," she knew she had to get involved.

Watch the video below to see Arron's stunning transformation and Kelly's priceless reaction. He certainly cleans up well. What do you think? Is it an improvement or did you like what Arron had going? Do you have any relevant stories to share about makeovers within your family or group of friends? Get the conversation going by leaving us a comment with your thoughts, feelings, and anecdotes. Don't forget to share this video on Facebook!