Some people would look at the wonderful Shiloh Pepin and only see a condition. It's true she was born with Sirenomelia, or "mermaid syndrome," and it has affected almost every part of her life. Her legs are fused together and several organs are deformed or missing entirely. But Shiloh is more than just her condition. She's a sweet, loving girl with a family who loves her. 

Typically, children born with Sirenomelia die within days of being born, but Shiloh overcame this and lived on. Unfortunately, Sirenomelia takes a harsh toll on her body, and sweet little Shiloh couldn't escape the inevitable forever. The following video is a documentary (get comfortable, it's a long video) about her life, her family, and what it means to live with "mermaid syndrome."  Ultimately, it's a view into the life of someone who refuses to be defined by her condition. After watching this, I will never define someone by their physical conditions ever again.