The idea of living in a former prison may creep some people out, but the Meinzers have managed to transform this little piece of history into the most beautiful (and interesting) two-story, three-bedroom homestead! Built in 1887 in Benjamin, Texas, this building was used as the local jailhouse until 1938. Later, history buffs Wyman and Sylinda Meinzer snatched the property up, renovated it, and ultimately converted it into an enviable home. If only the former prisoners could see its luxurious features now!
While the jailhouse's interior cells that used to occupy upstairs have long since been removed, the bars on the windows remain – an authentic reminder of the property's past. The room that was formerly served as the Sheriff's office is still used as an office to this day, but quirky amenities like these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the history of this place! Here at SF Globe, we love unusual homes and applaud the Meinzers' ability to take a sinister location and transform it into a gorgeous abode!

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