Truck driver Clinton Blackburn noticed something odd about a sheriff's cruiser, so he stopped to investigate. His subsequent actions can only be described as heroic, though according to his interview Blackburn was simply doing what he had to do.

It started out as an ordinary day for Blackburn as he drove his Apollo Oil truck in central Kentucky, but everything changed he was passing Bardstown on the Blue Grass Parkway. A sheriff's cruiser began to swerve before coming to an abrupt halt on the side of the road. Blackburn stopped his truck and approached with caution, alarmed when the police car's door suddenly flung open. Inside, Blackburn found that the juvenile prisoner that jailer Darrell Herndon was transporting had somehow slipped from his restraints and was holding Herndon in a chokehold through the safety partition separating them. Though Blackburn was able to free the jailer from being strangled, the prisoner managed to pull Herndon's gun from his holster and tried to fire several times. Unfazed, Blackburn was able to put both his hands on the gun while he and Herndon wrestled the inmate back into the car.

Blackburn is being lauded as a hero for his actions, but he says that he considers police officers to be the true heroes. "They put their life on the line every day, and it's payback," Blackburn insists. "I did what I had to do. All I could think about was getting that man home." In that instant, Blackburn's own life was low on his list of priorities. In describing how he viewed his life in relation to that of the jailer, Blackburn simply states. "I was willing to give mine to save his."

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