Ross and Sally Russell decided they wanted "[to retire in] order to grow food, entertain and enjoy the landscape." Ross needed someone to help him get started and, luckily, architect Alex De Rijke, who works with DRMM, was an old friend of his. They spent about 12 months designing his dream home. It has a very basic shape, that is reminiscent of a barn, but is much more complex than just a simple country home.
The home is actually made out of three separate pieces: the house, a garage, and guest annex. When you first walk up, you will notice the front wall of the house is made up entirely of glass windows. In order to see what really makes this house special, you just need to turn on a special little motor hidden from view. When it's turned on, the walls start to move and the beautiful structure underneath is unveiled. 

In about six minutes, the entirety of the outside of the house, including the roof, will be pulled completely back exposing the windowed walls beneath. This part of the house actually weighs about 20 tons, but it seems to just glide across the ground. Only this part of the main house is covered completely in glass, but it is a breathtaking sight to behold. The walls can be pulled back to fully expose the glass part, or they can be used to cover it up and also extend beyond it for a covered patio area. A roof terrace is also exposed when the cover is moved all the way forward.

Many people want to build their dream house, and it looks like Ross has been able to. This quaint country home can completely transform and adapt to your wants and needs. Check out the video to see that whole structure glide across the ground right before your eyes. How many people would love to have a home like this? I would!

A nice exterior shot of the house.