Police officer J.D. Boyd is big on keeping the community informed through his social media channels. With the snow falling and the roads icing over, he likes to make sure everyone is prepared for what awaits them outside their doors...but this day he had something else planned. It started with a post asking if he could "borrow a sled for answering calls." That escalated to him issuing a challenge to his followers: “Community snowball fight, anyone?” The battle was on. 
He showed up to Lion's Park in Raleigh, North Carolina and proceeded to join in with the kids' winter activities. He had a friendly snowball fight with the kids and, since there wasn't much cover around, he found himself bombarded by snowballs. One girl, as seen in the video, even bragged that she had the upper hand and managed to get a win over the officer, but I'm not sure everyone agrees with that verdict. 

Officer C.A. Martucci joined in later and the two officers grabbed sleds and took a few turns on the hill. It ended up being a great day for everyone involved and Boyd stated: “I don’t want to just be the guy who shows up when bad things happen." It can be very important for officers to show how friendly and approachable they are. With the bad reputation that has circulated because of the actions of some police officers, it is good to have a reminder that not everyone is the same because they have the same profession. There are definitely members of law enforcement who want to be positively involved with the area they protect, I think Officer Boyd has accomplished that with this activity and his fun updates to the community.

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