According to Life News, Juliana Ramos, then-fiancée of beloved American Idol contestant Chris Medina, was in a coma after a terrible car accident. However, despite her devastating injuries, her family was sick of listening to doctors call her unresponsive. They knew that Juliana was "there" and could hear them. Therefore, they attempted to communicate by opening her eyes and asking her to respond to basic prompts using her hands. Miraculously, she did! Watch the incredible footage Chris Medina captured below.
This video serves as an awe-inspiring glimpse into the brain activity that some coma patients have, even if they appear paralyzed at first glance. This moment between Juliana and Chris also demonstrates how you should never give up hope, no matter how dire the circumstances may appear. Life News also reports that Chris stuck by Juliana's side throughout her recovery and that these supportive soulmates are now married. Here at SF Globe, we're sincerely touched by their story: these two epitomize what it means to love unconditionally.

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