The belief in ghosts and spirits goes as far back as human history. From ancestor worship to hit shows like "Ghost Hunter," the belief that the dead still roam and influence our world spreads across multiple cultures and belief systems. A CBS Poll revealed that half of all Americans believe in ghosts, and nearly a quarter report having a personal encounter with a ghost. Even Albert Einstein is reported to have speculated about the existence of ghosts, though, ironically, the magician Harry Houdini is known to have revealed many spiritual mediums as frauds. 

Wherever you stand on the issue, the footage captured in this Disneyland security footage is bound to have you think twice. Though it's hard to see, the camera shows a ghostly figure walking along the path away from the Haunted Mansion. The camera follows the figure as it appears across multiple cameras. Just what could possibly explain this phenomenon?

A video this intriguing is bound to get a lot of attention from skeptics and believers alike. One popular explanation is that this was taken back when security cameras still recorded footage on VHS tapes. It's common practice in many businesses to reuse the same tapes. Used for multiple recordings, the apparition might be a video ghost. That is, a remnant image of a worker who walked that same path in a previous recording. While this may satisfy skeptics, here is an eerie fact for believers: so many families have taken to scattering the ashes of loved ones along Disneyland rides that an official security and sanitation policy had to be enacted to deal with the situation. 

What do you think of this footage? Do you believe it's a ghost? If not, what do you think we are seeing? SF Globe would love to hear from you.