We've all been on airplanes, and we all know how much of a drag air travel can be when seated next to someone who might have failed Etiquette 101 had they taken it in college. Airline etiquette seems to be a hotter topic today than ever, with heated debates taking place all over the Web regarding whether or not it's OK to recline. 

JetBlue, known by many for their cheap flight specials, is out to curb the issue with a series of videos detailing "flight etiquette," and the result is a hoot. In this episode, they're tackling the ever-dreaded trip to the bathroom. 

Jacqueline Whitmore is a self-described international etiquette expert, and she happens to have experience as a flight attendant, too. Last year, she spoke on Michael Patrick Shiels' "Michigan's Big Show" podcast on the subject of airline etiquette, and she had some interesting insights. 

For most issues, she suggests travelers don't "take matters into your own hands," as flight attendants are usually better equipped (and paid) to deal with such matters. That's not always an option, though — for instance, when you need to use the bathroom. The most dedicated flight attendant in the world is unlikely to help you out with that!

If you're a visual learner, you can watch JetBlue's clip below and just do the exact opposite of what the woman featured does. But in short, don't attempt to climb over your fellow passengers, even if you successfully scaled Everest last week. Trust me when I say that this will be a more difficult ascent. 

Huffington Post posted an article of Whitmore's listing the many stereotypically annoying passengers that you'll encounter on your travels. In her breakdown of "the Sleeper," she recommends a light shoulder tap accompanied by a polite request — and I might add that the latter part of that probably isn't even necessary. It's likely that they saw this coming before their slumber and are anticipating being woken up at some point. If you're into taking preventive measures, you could state the obvious (that you'll need to use the bathroom at some point) as it begins to look like they're ready to doze off. 

All of the vignettes in JetBlue's series happen on airplanes. They're believably simple, and they all depict situations that likely happen on nearly every single flight that traverses this country. 

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