I love when candid surprises are captured on camera; it brings me so much joy to watch priceless reactions unfold. When 10-year-old Jared was walking through the hallway of his house, his mother stopped him and started recording. Unsure of what was going, Jared seemed to think he was getting in trouble for something, possibly the state of his room, but then Mom tells him to go look in her bedroom. The moment Jared walks into his mother's bedroom, his expression changes to that of pure jubilation. Sitting on his mother's bed is Clyde, their 11-year-old cat. According to this video's YouTube description, Clyde had been missing for 12 days when a neighbor recognized the cat in a Lost & Found ad, and returned him to his rightful owners. Jared immediately rushes to Clyde's side and starts nuzzling his face against the feline's when he spots him on the bed. 

I loved every bit of this video. I've also experienced the beautiful feeling of being reunited with a pet once counted as lost. I trust that Jared and Clyde are back to spending many loving days together. Watch the video and share your reaction with us in the comments section below; we love hearing from you!