This is one of those hair tricks that I can definitely vouch for. I've done this trick before when my hair was longer and it definitely holds the shape of a loose, wavy curl. What I love most about this method is that it takes very little time and it doesn't require the use of any heating tools. All you need is damp hair and a headband!

Achieving these beautiful curls is extremely simple. All you have to do is wrap a headband around your head and twist damp locks of hair around the band.  Did I mention that you can sleep while your hair works its magic? Once your hair is secure in the band, feel free to sleep on it. Then, when you wake up you can unleash the gorgeous locks and run your fingers through for a stunning hairstyle. Don't forget to give it a good spritz of finishing spray to make the hair shiny and smooth. 

Here at SF Globe, we love when we find neat tricks like this that help make life a little easier. I know that this hair technique has saved me a lot of time in the past and I can't wait to start using it again. Watch the video and tell us what you think in the comments section below!