When this scene opened up on four scantily clad people, we figured we knew where this was heading. Once we saw the end, however, we realized just how wrong we were! 

Personally, I feel like strip poker is one of those sultry activities that really only works well in the movies or on television. Sure, it looks simple and fun on the screen, but once you try to make that fantasy a reality, you could potentially encounter a few problems. 
1. Your A/C is on the fritz. If you can't maintain a decent room temperature, things are going to get a bit uncomfortable. Your fellow players aren't going to be happy if they have to sweatily shift around in their seat. Conversely, none of your gentleman players are going to enjoy making excuses for themselves should "shrinkage" occur in a frigid poker room. 

2. Too much liquid courage could be detrimental. More often than not, some libations are going to be needed to encourage your guests to loosen up a bit. However, this could be a slippery slope. Be sure to keep your wits about you because there's nothing worse than a nude drunk passed out on a futon. That's something you never want to wake up to the next morning. Ugh.

3. Your opponents turn out to be poker phenoms! This is possibly the worst thing that could happen to a group of hopeful males or females eagerly vying to see their counterpart's parts. While you spent the day excitedly preparing to see some skin, they were online studying strategy guides to ensure that no fabric would leave their humble body.

All this said, that doesn't mean a quality round of strip poker is an impossibility. In fact, if you have any funny stories you'd like to share with us, we'd love to hear them! Also, this commercial was eventually banned for its risqué content, but we'd like to know if you think that was a fair decision. Please share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section below.