You may have seen the Russian women's group routine in a previous article, or this may be your first introduction to acrobatic gymnastics. Either way, you're in for a treat. Acrobatic gymnastics combines demonstrations of balance, flexibility, and power as competitors hold complex poses and perform throws and flips. The group events adds an element of teamwork and coordination as competitors work together to execute intricately choreographed routines. The slightest misstep could seriously injure a teammate, or at best, ruin the routine. 

Although the Ukrainian team (Kateryna Kalyta, Nataliya Vinnyk, Iuliia Odintsova) only took bronze with this routine, the display of flexibility and balance is incredible. While they did not perform well in the qualifying rounds, they certainly made up for it here. Their choreography is tightly synchronized, and the dramatic intensity highlighted the suspense I felt with each held pose. And although they were not as strong in their acrobatic skills, I felt that the Ukrainian women's team members were the superior dancers as compared to Russia's. 

I look forward to seeing more acrobatic gymnastics and hope it gets added to the Olympic Games soon. 

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