The garage might seem like the most boring room in the house, but many people have realized it's not just a place for storage. Companies like Google and Apple both started inside a garage, and countless bands, like Creedence Clearwater Revival, began practicing in garages.
Not everyone is able to utilize their garage space effectively, however. According to the L.A. Times, 25 percent of Americans have too much clutter in their two-car garage to even fit a vehicle. 

When did the garage turn into a storage space for junk? Why don't more families utilize their garage as an extra room?

For many people, it may have to do with comfort. Garages usually have very few (if any) windows, and that means poor ventilation. This can translate to an uncomfortable environment. Unfortunately, people who use their garage have been unable to keep the garage door open without attracting bugs in from outside. 

Advanced Screenworks hoped to change that with their product, the Lifestyle garage screen. The Lifestyle screen mounts just under most garage doors, and with the pull of a cord it slides down and creates a barrier that keeps out pests but increases ventilation.

Advanced Screenworks representative Harry Brussad explained to Florida's Fox35 that he hopes the screen will give people more options in regards to how they use their garage, instead of just "putting your car in there." The Lifestyle website lists a few ideas, including using the screen to turn your garage into a "man cave,  party room, exercise space," or "hobby area." 

Check out how the screen works in the video below.