In this clever commercial, Škoda Auto UK poses an interesting question: is it possible to produce a vehicle so extraordinary that it demands the undivided attention of anyone who sees it? In an attempt to answer this query, they placed their new model on a seemingly ordinary London street and observed the public's reaction to the car. While people on the street did not stop dead in their tracks to ogle the vehicle, the commercial proves that it is, indeed, capable of stealing more than its share of attention.

The momentary lapse in observational skills that this commercial triggers can be attributed to a phenomenon known as "selective attention." In an article describing the science behind selective attention, psychology expert Kendra Cherry notes that we are constantly bombarded with external sensory stimuli, like background chatter or things happening in our peripheral vision, but we are able to filter out irrelevant information. This prioritization process happens automatically, but can also be consciously directed. In the case of this commercial, because the voiceover focuses so intensely on the blue car, it makes sense that our attention is directed to it rather than to what's happening around it.

Watch the video below and let us know how you fared. Were you able to spot everything that happened in the background?