Human beings are capable of surviving all sorts of traumatic injuries. From colossal falls to devastating crashes, it's not uncommon to hear about someone surviving a terrible accident. However, often times, these survivors don't walk away completely unscathed. Sometimes, it's a few scrapes...other times it could be a broken bone or an internal issue. In the case of this man though, he walked away with an injury that's impossible not to notice. 

"Half Head Man" as he likes to be called, gained notoriety when his mugshot was posted in the "Mugshots Friday" section of the Miami New Times. He later appeared in a explicit video in which he warns children not to do drugs. According to a story by Huffington Post, Half Head Man's real name is believed to be either Carlos Sosa or Carlos Rodriguez. 

According to a video referenced in the story, he attributes his unusual appearance to drug use, claiming that while driving under the influence, he "flew out the front window and landed on my head." 

See for yourself and let us know in the comments below if you've survived any sort of accident unscathed.