Listening to this story absolutely broke my heart. The internet, albeit an incredible resource, can be a very cruel place at times. When Kyra Pringle, mother of two-year-old Mariah Anderson, posted a picture of her daughter on Facebook, she had no idea of the kind of hateful storm that was coming her way. To Pringle's great horror, she soon discovered that the picture of Mariah, who suffers from Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome, had been made into a viral meme making fun of her appearance. Words like "monster" and "leprechaun" circulated around the cruel meme, along with hateful comments from individuals everywhere. 

I can't even imagine how deeply hurt Mariah's family was when they realized what had become of the once-innocent picture that was posted to Facebook. In the video, Pringle tries to explain the agonizing pain the situation has brought to her heart while fighting back tears. 
While this story is undoubtedly menacing and deeply distressing, I find comfort knowing that Mariah is surrounded by a family that loves and adores her unconditionally. The rare condition that Mariah suffers from affects her developmental and motor skills. It also doesn't bode well for her life expectancy. In the video, Pringle states, "She's fought for her life since she got here." I have no doubt that Mariah is a strong little girl with a loving support system at home. My wish is that she lives a happy life amongst those who will stand beside her, loving and protecting her. 

Cases of cyberbullying like this literally make me sick. A part of me is shocked that people would have the audacity to be so cruel, but the internet allows for people to do strange and vicious things with little accountability. My best wishes go out to baby Mariah and her family. Share what you think about this story in the comments section below.