Pregnancy isn't easy, and this husband seems to be doing nothing in his power to make it any easier. In this video, we see a man test the limits of his pregnant wife's patience. For reasons he can't explain, Mike Wilson felt the need to aggravate his wife Louise during her pregnancy. He repeatedly asks her inane questions, makes comments that trivialize her discomfort, and pokes fun at her diminished physical fitness. At times, it's difficult to determine whether her pregnancy or her husband bothers her more.

In the YouTube description, Mike includes a little justification for his actions:

"The last few months I some how felt the need to irritate my pregnant wife. Man vs Pregnant Wife kind of story with an angry bird thrown in. Most pregnant women do NOT like to hear those words, “How you feeling??”. Fortunately our family have a good sense of humour, however i think i may have taken this a step too far on some situations. Guys….if you intend to try some of these techniques, please do so using CAUTION, as the female generation become angry birds when up the duff.

This video was created in good humour. Ladies… gentle :)
In all honesty. She did an amazing job, and i couldn't even begin to imagine what the pain felt like. Fair play :)"

While we understand how this activity would be fun for him, we have to wonder what you think about his constant pestering. Do you think he may have gone too far in poking fun at his pregnant wife? Watch the video below and sound off in the comments section. And, for the fathers-to-be out there, we have to reiterate Mike's warning and remind you that not all women have the same tolerance or sense of humor as Louise.