Everybody's got to eat, right?

That was the justification given by FOX 45's Traffic Jam Jimmy earlier this year when news anchor Candace Dold went live to his segment and found him at the drive-thru of a McDonald's in Baltimore. Traffic Jam Jimmy, whose real name is Jimmy Uhrin, was supposed to be reporting on traffic and driving-weather conditions, but instead could be found on the traffic cam yelling into a McDonald's drive-thru microphone, "Hey! Is it too early to get a fish sandwich?!"
Apparently, it was too early for a fish sandwich, because Uhrin ordered an Egg McMuffin and coffee instead.

Uhrin was able to salvage the situation by commenting on the icy weather conditions after placing his order. He then apologized to all those watching, saying, "I didn't know we were coming live ... they expect you to work for eight hours in the car, you got to eat, Candace."

Dold could be heard laughing during the interaction. FOX 45 apparently found it entertaining as well -- they put the footage on YouTube where it has since accumulated over 1.2 million views. 

Some online commenters were quick to point out that the whole ordeal seemed to be an orchestrated advertisement for McDonald's, pointing out that Uhrin had an object with a large McDonald's logo in his backseat. Some Twitter users also pointed out a video uploaded to YouTube in which Uhrin congratulates local elementary school teachers by giving them free McDonald's breakfast sandwiches.

In response, FOX 45 station manager Bill Fanshawe told the Baltimore Sun's blog City Paper, that Uhrin's drive-thru interaction was unplanned. Although Fanshawe said that "McDonald's is an advertiser and does do sponsorships with us," he also mentioned that "(Uhrin's) visit to McDonald's wasn't related or tied to a sale."

A few days after the incident, Uhrin jokingly claimed he was going to use his newfound fame to run for public office. 

"With that exposure," Uhrin wrote on Facebook, "how does President Traffic Jam Jimmy sound?"

Happy Sunday☀Who knew that just being hungry would bring 1/2 million views to youtube?With that exposure how does President Traffic Jam Jimmy sound?#TJJ4President

Posted by Traffic Jam Jimmy on Sunday, March 8, 2015

In case you were wondering why Uhrin's beard was a fluorescent orange, he was showing support for people with multiple sclerosis during MS Awareness Week.

Wear something Orange today to support the 10,000 Marylanders with MS!#StopDropSelfieForMS

Posted by Traffic Jam Jimmy on Thursday, March 5, 2015