Patrick Swayze first captured the hearts of women everywhere when he hit the big screens as the leading man in 'Dirty Dancing.' Who was this handsome bad boy with a chiseled jaw, eyes that betrayed a tender heart and dance moves that would make any woman want to sign up for lessons? Women couldn't get enough. After another big hit as the lead in 'Ghost,' Swayze's film career began to slump, but nearly 30 years later, 'Dirty Dancing' remains a classic girls-night movie that even millennials can get behind. 

Though his personal life was mostly kept private, what we know seems to indicate that he was just as romantic in life as he was on the screen. He played football, competed in track-and-field, and practiced martial arts like many Texas boys, but he also danced ballet. It was then that he met his future wife, Lisa Niemi, who was a student in his mother's ballet class. 

Childhood sweethearts, they likely danced together regularly, but this is their first stage appearance together. The chemistry and passion between them is undeniable. Clearly they are both very talented dancers, but you can also see how connected they are to each other and how much love they share by watching them dance. 

Patrick Swayze died of pancreatic cancer in September of 2009, and is missed by many worldwide. What is your favorite Patrick Swayze moment? Let us know in our comments section.