17 years ago, Morne and Celeste Nurse welcomed their new baby girl, Zephany, into the world. However, just three days after her arrival, their world turned upside-down when little Zephany was shockingly kidnapped from the South African hospital's nursery. While the Nurses went on on to have three more children, they never stopped mourning the devastating disappearance of their firstborn child, always wondering what happened to their precious baby girl. 
However, Morne and Celeste's lives recently changed again when their second-born daughter, Cassidy, noticed a girl at school that looked just like her. After acquiring DNA samples and the help of a detective, the Nurses discovered that their beloved Zephany had been living only a couple miles down the street her entire life! Yet what's even more surprising than this revelation is Celeste's grace and understanding regarding the matter: she intends to thank the woman accused of kidnapping Zephany for doing such a good job raising her daughter. While court battles will ultimately determine the fate of Zephany's alleged abductor, the Nurses have no intention of keeping her away from the "mother" who raised her all this time.

Here at SF Globe, we're completely blown away by this shocking turn of events. We can't imagine the roller coaster of emotions the Nurses – and Zephany – must be experiencing, but we're so glad she's been found and now the entire family can begin healing.

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