I love strange creatures that are able to camouflage themselves (even if they are creepy) because it's fascinating to see how these animals are able to adapt to their environment. This is the first time I have ever seen a Planthopper Nymph, which is the creature this guy encounters while walking through the woods; it is just sitting on a plant he walks by. It would be really easy to pass this creature by without even knowing you are missing it. 

A Planthopper is an insect that looks very much like a small green leaf. In its nymph stage, which is what you see in this video, it looks a bit different. It looks more like a fluffy snowflake than a leaf. This is because they "produce wax from special glands on the abdominal terga and other parts of the body. These are hydrophobic and help conceal the insects." In some place, people refer to it as a "cotton bug" when it is in this stage because of its appearance. 

Watch the video and see if you can spot them before they zoom in.