When Youtube personality TiffyQuake found out she would be throwing a baby shower for one of her good friends, she knew she had to create something special for the momentous occasion. She decided to bring a 'shower' to the baby shower by making a cloud lamp that appears to glisten with lightning and rain! Not only does this decoration work perfectly for the baby shower, but it could also function as an imaginative night light once baby is born! 

You'll only need a few simple items to create a lamp like Tiffy's: 
1) Paper lanterns of varying size
2) Batting (cotton stuffing)
3) Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks 
4) LED curtain lights
5) Clear string

I absolutely love this cloud lamp idea and can't wait to experiment with some small changes! A little more color could definitely make one of these lamps really pop; using rainbow-colored lights instead of plain white lights could be a great substitute if you plan on keeping the lamp in a child's room or play room. Colored paper lanterns could also be a wonderful substitute to brighten your cloud lamp and personalize it to match your room scheme or party theme. 

What do you think of Tiffy's cloud lamp? Do you have any other ideas for making your cloud lamp pop? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!