Maria Layton, a British mother of two, found a Brazilian Wandering Spider (also known as the "banana spider") in a plain old bunch of bananas she bought from her local supermarket.

Maria Layton just wanted to fix her daughter a nice snack. When she was in the kitchen, she noticed the bananas that her husband had bought at the local supermarket the day before. On looking closer, she noticed a strange growth or infection of some sort on the bananas. No sooner had she discovered this than the growth, which actually turned out to be eggs, started to hatch baby spiders! I might have run away screaming and never looked back, but Maria kept her cool. She quickly sealed up the infected bananas in a container and put it in the freezer. Not sure I would have put those things with more of my food, but I guess the freezer could slow those spiders down!

After doing some research online, Maria discovered that she just had an encounter with the Brazilian Wandering Spider, which according to the Guinness Book of World Records is the world's most venomous spider. Talk about scary! This arachnid's bite can kill a person within hours. However, it can also have another strange effect - causing a man to have a painful erection that lasts up to four hours. That is so bizarre! Who knew there were such creatures out there? And who knew they could end up in our homes after a visit to our local supermarket?
What would you do if this happened to you? Are you going to be more careful about picking out your fruits from now on? Comment below!

For more on this deadly spider, check out the YouTube video below.