Colton Brockbank is an extreme sport athlete who loves to wakeboard and snowboard, so he's had his fair share of injuries. On this particular day, Colton had told his girlfriend, Taylor, that he would be shooting a snowboarding commercial near Park City, Utah. This was all just part of his elaborate plan, though, and he was really at Alta View Hospital getting in costume for his big surprise. In a hospital gown, with a neck brace on, wearing an oxygen mask, and with his family present, he had set the stage to dupe Taylor into believing he had seriously injured himself. Taylor got a call saying that Colton had been in an accident during the shoot, so she rushed to the hospital without a clue that she was stumbling into one of the most monumental days of her life. 
Your initial instinct might be to think that lying to your girlfriend about being injured so that she'll be genuinely surprised by your marriage proposal is an atrocious way to propose, and Colton actually started having that fear as soon as he knew Taylor was on her way to the hospital. In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, Colton explained that he had started to panic thinking that Taylor may not understand the humor behind what he was doing. He began to fear that this trick proposal could screw up his wonderful relationship. When all was said and done, however, Taylor actually enjoyed it enough to ask Colton for more surprises like this in the future! 

Colton and Taylor's story just goes to show that there's no one right way to propose. Colton's proposal plan might seem harsh to some, but Taylor loved it, and that's all that really matters, isn't it? 

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