Elisa Strauss discovered a love for cakes at a young age, according to her website Confetti Cakes. When she was a little girl, Strauss spent her time decorating cakes in her grandmother's kitchen. That experience fueled her love for art and led her to study art at Vassar College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After leaving college, she initially concentrated on traditional art forms such as oil painting. It wasn't until after she received praise for a cake she made for the designer Ralph Lauren that she decided to move over to the culinary arts. Soon, this evolved into the creation of Confetti Cakes. 
Strauss specializes in creating realistic edible works of art that have been featured on shows such as the "Today" show and "Sex and the City." The video clip below showcases Strauss' talent and ability. When it came time for her dad's birthday, she knew she couldn't make him just any ordinary cake. She decided to make an edible cake that looks just like his Labradoodle, and it turned out wonderfully. 

This cake appears to be completely edible, except for the head which is made with Styrofoam covered in fondant. If you wanted to re-create a completely edible version of this cake, you could carve the head out of Rice Krispies Treats and cover that in fondant. 

Check out this fun video and see what you think of this very detailed cake.