Transforming furniture has become a very widespread trend in the last decade, as the increase in rent costs across the world has compelled people to look for alternative living situations and smaller spaces, leading to a distinct lack of room across the board. It's become common to find Murphy beds in smaller studio apartments, and companies like Resource Furniture have been making products that focus on saving space while still looking stylish.

Izzy Swan has had the clever idea to combine that growing trend with the need people have for comfort-related camping equipment. What better to bring to an empty campground — besides a tent, of course — than a table and seats? As convenient as it is to have actual furniture to use when camping in the great outdoors, that sort of thing is incredibly difficult to transport, especially when not using a trailer or RV of any kind. But Swan has created a clever piece of furniture that shrinks down to a completely movable format.

By just switching the way the two halves of the product fit into each other and then pulling on a few edges, Swan demonstrates how his compact wooden cube turns into a fully functional picnic table, complete with four stools. As he states in the video below, the structure goes from measuring 20 by 20 by 30 inches as a cube to 63 by 63 by 36 inches as a deployed piece of furniture.

Swan is the owner of a YouTube channel that he frequently updates with DIY woodworking projects and tutorials, and he also has his own website, Think Woodworks, which he uses to run a shop. The Eizzy Folding Table, as he calls his product, is unfortunately not available for purchase as is, but he does sell the plans to build it, complete with a list of materials and accompanying video tutorials for construction, for $12.95.