Zlata, also known as Julia Günthel, was born in Kazakhstan and grew up in Tatarstan. She learned at a very young age that she was unique. When she was only four years old she started practicing gymnastics, and when she was eight, she joined a school circus class. It wasn't long after that when she made her first appearance as a contortionist. From there she attended modeling school and now she does both modeling and contortionist work. 
On November 23, 2007, she officially became the world's most flexible woman when she set the record for the "fastest time to burst three balloons with the back." She did it in 12 seconds. Zlata broke another record a few years later in 2011, when she opened the most beer bottles in one minute while in a contortionist elbow stand; she opened 7. What makes her particularly unique is that she is known for being the only person who can do extreme front and back bends. She can also fit herself into a 50 square centimeter box. Throughout her career, Zlata has also done some acting jobs, such as being a body double for the French film "Micmacs a Tire-Larigot."

Check out this video to see the amazing poses she is able to pull off and to see how they managed to get that interesting MRI scan of her in a back bend.