5 American teenagers decided to put their drum skills on display for their high school talent show and, as teenagers are wont to do, they waited until the week before the performance to come up with a routine. Still, you would never guess it from watching them in action. Nigel, Dylan, Matt , Elias and Jordan, who call their group "The Hot Scots," won their talent competition and the attention of millions of YouTube viewers. 

Their kilts are only props, and we found no evidence that these talented boys had any Scottish heritage, but their humorous performance does have many nods to traditional Scottish drumming. The snare drum is actually an adaptation of Scottish drums, and though it's hard to tell from the distance of the camera, they seem to be holding their drumsticks in the Scottish manner. The routine itself also makes use of "forte," also referred to as "chips" or "seconds." The lead drummer plays a phrase which is then repeated down the line. Traditionally, this was done because not all drummers could read sheet music. Today, it is a purposeful inclusion as part of the drumming and rhythmic choreography. 

We think these guys pulled it off wonderfully. What did you think of these young men and their drumming?