Sammie Jay has been on television and performed for large crowds on stage, but she most enjoys performing on the street. The blonde, British-born singer feels most connected with her audience when she's out in public. Sammie can often be spotted in the streets of London, barefoot, performing her favorite songs or perhaps testing out a new tune. "It doesn't matter to me if I am singing to a small bunch of people or if I am in a huge arena in front of thousands, I live and breath the melody and lyrics of a good song," she explains on her website. Clearly, Sammie does what she does because she absolutely loves it.

Below, the singer-songwriter performs one of her originals, entitled "Killing Me Slowly." The video of the barefoot blondie quickly went viral and helped Sammie get her name out there. She's still pursuing her passion and has put out three albums thus far. We look forward to following Sammie's career. 

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